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Franchising and Distributorships

Our team of commercial lawyers can help you structure, prepare, negotiate and enforce all manner of commercial agreements, from agency, distribution to wholesale and general terms of supply.


We advise businesses across a range of sectors including retail, food and beverage. Whether you are looking at franchising or other agency agreements in Lebanon, the GCC or internationally, we can assist you.


We help you to decide whether franchising suits your business and consider whether alternative channels such as agency, distribution, licensing, strategic alliances and other structures might be more appropriate.


Franchising allows franchisors to take advantage of your franchisees' capital, local experience and enthusiasm to develop your business in ways that are simply not possible through traditional organic means.


We work in seamless integrated teams with leading counsels and correspondents to provide the best expertise and contacts for each transaction. Our network of specialists allows us to act as a single point of contact for you, wherever you might be doing business. We understand how cultural and regulatory differences impact on a transaction and can immediately anticipate potential legal or commercial problems.

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